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  • The Plant People | Botanico, Inc. | Tennessee

    OUR PICK OF THE MONTH HYDRANGEA, LITTLE LIME PUNCH® ABOUT US Botanico, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Bob Flanders and Dabney Turley. Bob’s son, Jon Flanders was elected President of Botanico in 2014. Botanico is primarily a wholesale nursery that grows shade and ornamental trees and shrubs in both containers and field grown B&B. Read More > FOLLOW US Available for viewing, Botanico's Smart-Tree* Revolution! Click "HERE" below to preview our "Birds Eye View" video. You can also find this video along with still photos from the main menu bar; by simply hovering over "Botanico Productions - A Birds Eye View" and choose to see our Smart-Tree Productions from either a "Birds Eye View" or still photos. Click HERE We are on the leading edge of a worldwide revolution in the Green Industry: Introducing Smart-Trees* by Botanico – “The Plant People” Smart-Trees* are solar powered with hundreds, even thousands of efficient solar panels that provide 100% of the tree’s photosynthetic energy. These energy panels are naturally renewable making Smart-Trees* environmentally sustainable. Smart-Trees* are produced right here in America from nature’s own nanotechnology. Botany is real science! More importantly, Smart-Trees* are 100% environmentally friendly. They create cleaner air, cleaner soil, and prevent erosion giving us cleaner water. But wait, there’s more! Smart-Trees* are not only environmentally friendly, they add value, artistry, shade, and beauty to every landscape. Be a part of the Smart-Tree* revolution! Botanico – your Smart-Tree* source. *Smart-Trees* are not copyrighted or trademarked. Smart Tree Revolution © 2021 Proudly Created by Our In-House Publishing Team

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    Item List ​ PIN Read More ​ CARDINAL Read More ​ ESPRESSO™ Read More ​ LITTLE PONCHO Read More ​ QUICK FIRE FAB™ Read More ​ FLAMETHROWER® Read More ​ AMUR FLAME Read More ​ RED ROVER® Read More ​ FOX VALLEY® Read More ​ KWANZAN Read More ​ BONANZA Read More ​ AUTUMNALIS Read More

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