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With Thanksgiving coming up later this month we thought it was a good time to send a reminder about Spring Order submission before everyone starts traveling to be with family and taking tryptophan naps from eating too much turkey. Spring order allocation begins the week after Thanksgiving and your allocated order will be sent to you before Christmas. We need to receive your spring orders by close of business on Wednesday, November 23rd in order to meet the first round of allocation. If you submit it after the cutoff date, it will still be accepted. However, it will go through allocation after the initial round is completed. Please note, certain items that have been removed from our Price List may not appear on your allocated order because they are completely sold out and there is no suitable substitution, e.g., Nightfall Styrax.


We’ve recently created an Instagram page. We share crop photos, Reels, and stories regularly. It’s a good way to see what’s going on here at the World Headquarters of Botanico, Inc. I recommend you give us a follow. It’s easy to do, just click this link and hit follow:


This Fall has been strong for shipments after a hot, dry, slow summer. Here’s some recent photos of all the activity. We hope your Fall is busy also and your cup runneth over.






P.S. this half dog / half lion wishes the Marine Corps a happy 247th birthday today and a happy Veterans Day to all service members past and present tomorrow.


Botanico, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Bob Flanders and Dabney Turley. Bob’s son, Jon Flanders was elected President of Botanico in 2014. Botanico is primarily a wholesale nursery that grows shade and ornamental trees and shrubs in both containers and field grown B&B.



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Available for viewing, Botanico's Smart-Tree* Revolution!

Click "HERE" below to preview our "Birds Eye View" video. You can also find this video along with still photos from the main menu bar; by simply hovering over "Botanico Productions - A Birds Eye View" and choose to see our Smart-Tree Productions from either a "Birds Eye View" or still photos.

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We are on the leading edge of a worldwide revolution in the Green Industry: Introducing Smart-Trees* by Botanico – “The Plant People”

Smart-Trees* are solar powered with hundreds, even thousands of efficient solar panels that provide 100% of the tree’s photosynthetic energy. These energy panels are naturally renewable making Smart-Trees* environmentally sustainable. Smart-Trees* are produced right here in America from nature’s own nanotechnology. Botany is real science!

More importantly, Smart-Trees* are 100% environmentally friendly. They create cleaner air, cleaner soil, and prevent erosion giving us cleaner water.

But wait, there’s more! Smart-Trees* are not only environmentally friendly, they add value, artistry, shade, and beauty to every landscape. Be a part of the Smart-Tree* revolution!  Botanico – your Smart-Tree* source.


*Smart-Trees* are not copyrighted or trademarked.